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E-Bike Tours in the Loire Valley, France

November 9, 2020

Looking for a cycling holiday in France, but not sure if you can make the grade?

E-bike tours in the Loire Valley, France are becoming more and more popular and we’ve offered an e-bike option on our French bike tours for several years now.

So don’t worry if you think you can’t make the distances on our daily bike routes, our fantastic cycling holidays in the Loire Valley can be undertaken on e-bikes no problem!

We have a fleet of e-bikes that you can hire on the Loire Valley Discovery Cycling Tour, our Loire Valley Short Cycling Breaks and our self-catered cycling holidays at Le Noyer.

In addition to investing in the e-bikes, we have also invested in larger bike trailers and uprated the number of power points in the bike workshop!

If you’re thinking of bringing your own e-bike ask us about the discount offered on the main price. In addition, we’ll recharge your battery each night at no extra cost.

Why choose an e-bike?

Our self guided cycle routes range from 15-100km+, so there’s something for everyone, from beginner to the more experienced cyclist. However, if you’re interested in our Loire Valley Discovery Tour then you’ll need to be able to cycle around 45km per day on average.

There are many reasons to choose an e-bike, maybe you’ve not had chance to get out on your bike as much as you would like before your holiday. Or you may need a boost of power on some days to go the distance, or to tackle the few hills we’ve not managed to avoid!

If you’re coming with friends of differing abilities, choosing an e-bike enables the ‘more leisurely riders’ to keep up!

You may want an e-bike on certain days, but not everyday, and that’s ok. You can either reserve an e-bike for the whole tour or just a few days, it’s up to you. But, be sure to let us know when booking your cycling holiday with us as we have a limited stock of e-bikes!

Go eco-friendly!

Environmentally friendly as well as fun to ride! The motor will give you the boost you need, when you need it. However, beware – you have to pedal too, so you’ll still be getting some leisurely exercise, whilst riding through the beautiful countryside and all that fresh air!

There may be times when you don’t need the power assist at all and it’s always handy to save some battery for the route home. We’ll always recharge the battery for you overnight, so you don’t need to worry about heading off in the morning with a flat battery!

Our e-bikes: Gitane Organ’ Electric Bike

Our Gitane Organ’ e-bikes are suitable for both male and female riders and we’ve splashed out on the better batteries (giving a range of around 7okm), so you’ll have no problem with the Discovery Tour average of 45km per day. Unless you get lost of course, then the pressure is on! But with our well planned routes and voice navigation app, this is highly unlikely.


E Bike Tours

Gitane E-Bike

We’ll give you tuition on how to ride the bike before you head off. It’s not difficult and there are just a few basics to remember, so you’ll be on your way in no time.

The e-bikes have a maximum power-assisted speed of 26km/hour, after this limit the motor will cut out, so no need to panic about getting up too much speed.

Fitted with simple controls, once you feel your legs pushing more than you want, you just up the power meter and the assist kicks in without any hassle. Just stop pedalling at any point and the motor will stop too.

The motor has a range of speeds up to 26km/h and you may find you only need to be on the lower settings to give you all the assistance you need. You can of course go faster under your own steam, or even freewheeling downhill.

One of the most useful additions on this e-bike? – a USB socket so you can charge your phone on the move!

For more information on our e-bike model take a look at .

Join our E-bike Tours in the Loire Valley!

We offer a variety of single-centre cycling holiday options from our idyllic location in the Loire Valley, France.

If you would like any more information on our Loire Valley bike tours, or more details on our e-bikes, please contact us on the phone numbers above or send us an email.

We hope to see you very soon on one of our cycling breaks in the Loire Valley!

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Alison Shawcroft Alison, along with hubbie Jon, moved to France in 2006 and spent 2 years renovating an Anjou farmstead. Gué de Ray is now home to a thriving cycling holiday business, welcoming guests from around the world. Combining food, wine and cycling and giving guests the 'Loire Life' cycling experience is the dream job!