Cycling Holidays France - Courleon France

Update on COVID-19

July 16, 2020

We welcomed our first self-catering guests from the United Kingdom on the Wednesday 8th July!  So finally our season is underway.

We continue to head out and about on our bikes.  The chateaux and tourist attractions are open and you do need to carry a mask with you as it is necessary to wear one in certain environments.

Restaurants have been open for a while and it’s nice to see people eating with friends in the centre of towns once again.

Locally, mask wearing is becoming commonplace in busier places.  For instance, this week the market at Bourgueil was busier with people taking their holidays in the area, so many people were wearing masks.

From 1st July France re-opened its International borders to some of our main markets, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  However , outbound restrictions continue in some of these countries continue to make travel difficult.  The border between France and the USA remains closed and this is being reviewed every two weeks.

France remains vigilant and isolated virus hotspots continue to flair up, but the processes to manage the spread are quickly brought into action.  Maintaining a social distance at 1 metre, regular washing of hands and the absence of welcomes involving handshaking or kissing continue to be important.

In a post COVID-19 world, we believe what we offer will really appeal to people.

Cycling in wide open spaces, far from the crowds and off the beaten track.   With a safe haven for your cycling holiday here at Gue de Ray, small groups and the ability to go at your own pace we’re looking forward to help people get back into travel!

Thank You!

We want to say thank you to our guests who were booked on our 2020 cycling holidays.  You have been understanding and generous in allowing us to reschedule your holidays to later this year or into 2021.  We cannot wait to host you when you finally arrive at Le Gué de Ray!

To reflect the uncertain times, we’ve changed our booking policy for new bookings.

  • New deposits for cycling holidays in 2020 have been reduced to €100 p/person
  • The deposits are transferable – should you need to delay your holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can transfer your deposit to another date of your choice, up until June 2022.
  • For the remainder of 2020 we will take the balance of your holiday two weeks before the holiday.

Why Loire Life Cycling will still be here after Covid-19

Many businesses will be unable to withstand the loss of business due to Covid-19.  When there is no income, paying the rent, loans and fixed costs will be impossible.

Loire Life Cycling Holidays will still be here when this is all over and it will end – these things always do.

Not only is Le Gué de Ray our base for cycling holidays, it is also our home and we’re not planning on going anywhere, anytime soon!

We have always taken an organic approach to growing Loire Life Cycling Holidays and have not borrowed to create the business.  So, we don’t have loans to service and we already own the complex at Le Gué de Ray.

With the state help we are receiving, making cost savings where we can, guests rolling over their deposits to 2021 and looking to more local market for business, we will get through 2020.