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Lunches on our Loire Valley Cycling Breaks

On the Loire Valley Cycling Breaks we welcome you to the Loire Valley in France and then enable you to discover amazing places to take in a French lunch as part of your day.

Throughout France these lunches offer outstanding value for money.  For around €14 you will get three courses, a carafe of wine and coffee.  You can then carry on your cycling and all you’ll need in the evening is some baguette and cheese!

One of our favourite restaurants is Le Bouff’tard on our route through village of Hommes.

We have a 45kms cycling route that takes in this restaurant, as well as extending to take in the Chateau at Champchevrier if you want.

Spring Classic Cycling Break Lunch Menu

Lunchtime Menu at Le Bouff’tard

I took in the Quiche to start and then had the Joué de Boeuf – a stewed cut of beef.

Spring Classic Cycling Break - Starter

The Quiche

Spring Classic Cycling Break - Main Course

The Joué de Boeuf

We took a carafe of Red Chinon and I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to photograph the Tirimasu I had for dessert!  Sorry about that.

Rounded off with coffee the total bill came to €26 for two of us. Freshly cooked and delicious this is a bargain.

Take the meal slowly and cycling in the afternoon is a pleasure – it’s why we cycle in France!