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Life in the Gue de Ray bubble!

March 17, 2020

Well, we always say we live in a ‘bubble’ at Gue de Ray – and never more so than now!

We’re on lockdown in France for the next two weeks, but to be honest, it won’t be that bad. We live in a beautiful part of the world and have a garden that needs lots of attention and a daughter on home-schooling. Although, it has only taken me two days to realise that I was never destined to be a teacher!

I ventured out to the supermarket today, and it was good to see that being an immigrant in a foreign country has certain advantages when it comes to shopping:

  • weetabix and porridge easy to find on the shelves, as was:
    • fresh milk (although I did buy one carton of UHT, ‘just in case’)
    • lots of things on the ‘foreign’ aisle ie. teabags (just had to photo the Union Jack covered box), anything to do with cooking a Chinese…….
    • anything ‘bio’ (organic) – way too pricey for the locals

It was quite surprising to see that no pet will go hungry in the Loire Valley. Owners will feed their pets before themselves #sacrifice.

And to the woman emptying the bottom shelf of the special brew cans…..REALLY, CALM DOWN!!

So, we finished the day by working in the garden, chitting the potatoes (for my city friends – ask if you need to ;-)) and drinking a well earned beer at the end of it all.

On a heartwarming note, thanks to all those who’ve been in touch to let us know you’re thinking of us, especially previous guests, it’s really quite touching (ok I did well up a bit). Right, I’ll sign off now, Ruby’s setting up a disco, nothing like a good old boogie to lift the mood.

Cheers xx