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Cycling Holidays France – Montsoreau to Fontevraud Cycle Ride

It may only be January, but the weather today was fantastic – 16c and sunny, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to get in some early Loire Valley cycling.

Cycling to Fontevraud Abbey

We decided to try something new, so drove down to Montsoreau right on the Loire river and then headed inland to Fontevraud.

If you head in from a river you hit hills and this was no different – so while most of our routes are pretty flat, this will be listed as a more demanding Loire bike ride!

Cycling Holidays France - Montsoreau cycle route.

The route as followed – follow the blue dashed line….

As far as Fontevraud the route follows the Loire a Velo – so signage is easy.  Halfway we passed the Savonnerie Martin de Candre soap manufacturer – Artisan soaps with a boutique shop and a restaurant – all quiet today given the time of year!

At Fontevraud, while you can take time seeing the amazing Fontevraud Abbey, (the largest restored Abbey in Europe) we just grabbed a Pain au Chocolat and sat in the sun.

Heading back we took the road towards Saumur, passing the barracks of the Regiment of Dragoons that are based and train here, and then dropped down through the Saumur Champigny vineyards into Turquant – a Troglodyte village famous for Pomme Tapées (conserved apples achieved by manually tapping the juice from them) and wine.

Too many Loire Attractions!

From Turquant, we then cycled along the Loire river bank back to the start point at Montsoreau.  If you were doing the sightseeing as well as the cycling then this would be a full day, given the number of attractions you would pass:

  • Chateau Montsoreau
  • Artisan Soap Manufacturer
  • Fontevraud Abbey
  • Troglodyte Houses of Turquant & Montsoreau
  • Banks of the Loire itself

We’ve always said that there is too much to do in this area – while our Loire Valley Discovery Tour lets people get a flavour, it’s no wonder why we have people returning in subsequent years to see the things they missed!