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Cycling the banks of the Loire

Cycling the banks of the Loire

We are always discovering new routes for our self guided bike tours in the Loire Valley France.  Today was no exception with a ride that meandered through the countryside just east of Saumur, never more than a few kilometers from the banks of the Loire river itself.

The weather has picked up and with blue skies and temperatures in the mid twenties (centigrade) we couldn’t resist getting out!  The cycle route passes through the marshes of the River Authion (running off the Loire) and with the heat the frogs were happy basking and making a loud call like ducks.

self guided bike tours in the loire valley france - Le Authion

We’d timed our Loire Valley cycle ride to arrive at Villebernier for lunch and were fortunate to find a bar owner willing to throw a baguette together – as we didn’t fancy the full, though exceptionally cheap lunch.

Facing the river it was a pleasant place to find some shade and have a mid cycle break.

self guided bike tours in the loire valley france - Villebernier

These are the joys of our self guided bike tours in the Loire Valley France, just meandering and finding great places to catch a rest and a view.

On the other side of the river it was possible to see the impressive winery of Gratin and Meyer – one of the many famous Sparkling Wine makers that Saumur is so proud of.  If you look carefully you will see that the vines themselves are at the top of the escarpment and at picking time it is possible to throw the grapes down holes in the ground to arrive in the bottling cellars carved deep into the rock.  Now that’s efficient!self guided bike tours in the loire valley france - Gratin & Meyer

Join us on one of our Loire Valley Bike Tours

This specific cycle route is great for anyone staying with us on our self-catering cycling holidays or our Loire valley cycling breaks.  There was hardly any traffic and the route was really well marked – we hardly used the map all day, which always makes life easy.

If you choose our Loire Valley Cycling Tours then the Friday cycle route passes through this area as you head for Saumur.

If today’s weather is a sign of late Spring then the rest of April and May will be a fantastic time to cycle in the Loire!