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Wintry Projects!

Now well into winter and we’ve been spending half our time in the UK working on our winter project – decorating and restoring a Victorian cottage in Matlock on the edge of the Peak District National Park. The aim is to get this work complete by mid February for a tenant to move in. Then over the years we will try and put back in the period features that have been removed over time.

What we didn’t expect was the horrible weather that really slowed us down on our most recent trip. Snow, snow and more snow! The whole town had a ski resort feel to it, and one person did try their hand at snow-boarding down a field in fresh powder – a once in a lifetime experience in England! I also ended up using the snow chains – that’s the second year in sucession I’ve used them in England.

The A6 heading into Matlock, during the second evening of snow – it snowed for another three days on and off.

Another view of the A6 heading out of Matlock – the cottage we are restoring is up the alley-way on the far side of the road. By the following morning, no roads into Matlock were passable and it stayed that way for a couple of days.