Cycling Holidays France - Courleon France

Ticking Along

Hints of Spring finally in the air, so we are beginning to turn our thoughts to the cycle routes as we will need to get out and check that no changes have been made to the road layouts and signs etc – we’ve learnt its dangerous to think that all will be the same as last year! Plus we’re amending some of the routes to add in more flexibility and for those wanting it – more miles!

We’re also busy in the garden, tidying up before everything starts growing like mad. Three deer watched us for half an hour yesterday from the fields; they must be short of food and are having to be more adventurous in their foraging. Almost finished yet another shed – which after we’ve shuffled things around will make more room available for bike storage.

We’ve also been writing a few articles, which end up in all sorts of places on the internet and helps continue to travel up the google rankings. Its a slow process but we’re getting there – hovering around page 3 for “French Cycling Holidays” – alot better than page 20 something three months ago.

So thought I’d post the articles here as well – enjoy!

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