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Loire Life Cycling in Rhodes!

November 8, 2017 by Jon Lethbridge No Comment

Extending our cycling season

We’ve just taken our end of season holidays and to keep the summer going just a bit longer we headed to the island of Rhodes in Greece.

After a season of entertaining our guests, organising bikes and routes we thought we’d take a turn at being pampered so opted for an all inclusive activity holiday!   It was a chance to see what we could learn from one of the best companies in the business as well.

We had a fantastic time and inevitably got some cycling in – on road bikes and mountain bikes.  We also enjoyed some sailing (which we loved) and sea kayaking.

The Cycling

Loire Life Cycling Holidays in Rhodes

Jon, Alison and friend David above Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Loire Life Cycling Holidays Road Biking in Rhodes

Alison & Jon on the beachfront, Afandou, Rhodes

We took a mountain bike route to Anthony Quinn Bay – named after the actor who stayed here when filming the guns of Navarone.  Big fat tyres to cope with some pretty rock strewn beach road, but easy gearing made the hills dropping down to the coastal bays easy enough.   The bay itself was stunning, we didn’t have time for a dip, but could squeeze in a drink at the cliff top cafe.

Twice we took out road bikes and self-guided ourselves around one of the five plotted routes the resort offered.  A bit more hilly than the Loire but the 4km beachside cycle was beautiful – nothing like cycling and looking out to sea at the same time.

The resort also offered daily guided routes lasting about three hours with groups of up to 14 heading out peleton style.  We didn’t fancy the pressure of cycling at someone else’s pace but it is something we might try next time – this time round we just wanted to relax and stop whenever we fancied.

What did we learn?

Firstly, nowhere we cycle compares to the high quality roads we have in the Loire and the lack of traffic – plenty of potholes on the tarmac in Rhodes and a couple of times we had no option but to use a busy dual carriageway highway.

Secondly, we’re definitely right in our plan to offer road bikes for hire at Loire Life from this year – they are such fun when you want to cover the ground a bit quicker.

Thirdly, perhaps fully guided Loire cycle tours is something we could investigate – while not for everyone, if the ride is paced properly it does mean people don’t have to read a map and can tuck into a group of cyclists and have a rest from the wind!

Lastly, in terms of our bikes, our routes and our hospitality we thought Loire Life Cycling compares pretty well and we came back to France with lots of ideas for the 2018 season!

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Jon Lethbridge Jon lives near Saumur in the Anjou region of France, deep in the Loire Valley. Re-discovered cycling when he moved to France and now is an expert in cycling in the Loire Valley, France.