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Loire Life Cycling Holidays – Plans for 2018

January 15, 2018 by Jon Lethbridge No Comment

Happy New Year to everyone from the Loire Valley France!

The weather this week allowed us to ride for the first time in 2018.  On Thursday 25 km  around the lake at Rille and then on Sunday a 7 km jaunt to the bakery and cafe in our local village with our daughter Ruby.  She’s ready for her next bike!

Loire Life Cycling Holidays - Plans for 2018

Cycling Holiday Plans for 2018

Getting on the bikes again after the Christmas holidays makes the 2018 cycling season seem much closer – so we thought we’d let you know some of the plans we have for Loire Life Cycling Holidays in 2018.

The biggest change for us is changing the business from a sole trader to a S.A.R.L – (the French version of a limited company) and with that the need to add sales tax to our prices (TVA).

The change will help us to realise some of our other plans to grow – we’ll be free to employ staff directly for example and to host cycling holidays from locations other than Gue de Ray.

So now you’ll see  A.J.R Enterprises (S.A.R.L) on our invoices, although our trading name of Loire Life Cycling Holidays remains.

Going through the process to make this small change will provide plenty of dinner time conversation!  We started in October and we’re still not quite there!

New bike storage

Our bike fleet has outgrown the existing facilities, so we’re in the process of building a large bike garage which will make everybody’s life so much easier!   Each guest will have a bike parking place together with somewhere to store helmets, bike shoes etc. etc.

With the future in mind, we’ll make sure there are enough power points for the eventual acquisition of some electric bikes.

The garage will become the hive of activity each morning and probably where Jon will give his pre-ride briefings!

New Mini-bus and Bike Trailer

A new minibus and cycle trailer are high on the priority list – and Jon has already got his eye on a 10 bike trailer built in Belgium. It’s capable of carrying bikes of all shapes and sizes, so will be perfect for our end of route pickups when we have a mixture of our own and guests’ bikes. It will also solve one of our problems with offering electric bikes – they are just too heavy to transport using our current bike racks. This won’t be a problem with the bike trailer.

More great Recipies

Alison has been experimenting with new dishes pretty much since the last season ended. We’ve been enjoying them at home over the winter and you’ll be able to sample them this season. The veggie plot is already dug over and once again we’re hoping that much of what you eat comes from the garden – the strawberries last year were delicious!

New Routes on the Loire Valley Discovery Cycling Tour

We’ve got new route options for the Loire Valley Cycling Tours

  • For Tuesdays there is a lovely flat circuit of the vineyards around Bourgueil which takes in the Chateau vineyard at Les Minieres, where you can buy a glass of wine, wander in the grounds and picnic.
  • On the final day we’re going to include a great cycle route to Saumur itself – something we’ve not done for three years.  The route then follows the Loire riverbank towards beautiful Montsoreau, before a pickup back to base.

Of course these routes are available on our other cycling holiday options, but the minibus pickups are extra.

That’s just some of what’s going on as we prepare for 2018 – we’ll keep you posted either here or on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Cycling!

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