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Loire Chateaux Cycling Challenge

A perfect Loire Cycling route for this Spring

Will you accept the Chateaux Cycling Challenge?

People often discount a centre based cycling holiday because they think they won’t see enough of the famous sights in a country like France.

That may be true elsewhere in France, but here in the Loire Valley the sights are packed so tightly that we have the opposite problem – there is just too much to do in one day!

Our Loire Valley Cycling Breaks are perfect for early season cycling – and this route makes them even better.

85kms Loire Cycling & Eight Loire Chateaux

We’ve designed an 85 kms circular route from  our Loire Valley Cycling base just to see how many Chateaux we could cram in, in one day’s cycling.

Some of the route is already available as part of our Loire Valley Discovery Cycling Tour – (you do 50kms with a pick up at the end of the day), but this route is a perfect circular route if you want to put miles in, but see some amazing sights as well.

Cycling Holidays France - Loire Valley Cycling Map

Loire Chateaux Cycling Challenge – 85kms and 8 Chateaux

Cycling & Chateaux

So we cycle out from our Loire Valley Cycling base at Gue de Ray southwards towards La Loire.  Passing through the honey stoned villages we take in 15th century Chateau de Gizeux and then the much later Chateau at Les Essards – now operated as a Chambre d’Hote.

Cycling through the wooded valley floor of the small River Roumer we arrive in medieval Langeais, guarding the Loire since the 11th century.  At Langeais it’s easy to pick up the Loire a Velo cycle path and enjoy the clutch of Loire Chateaux that was the playground of the nobility in the Renaisssance.

Working anti-clockwise from Langeais the cycle route follows La Loire to Villandry – one of the last great Chateau to be built.

Grab a bite to eat outside Villandry before cycling from the Loire valley up and over to the Indre valley, visiting the Chateau at Azay-le-Rideau sitting dreamily on a lake.  Not much further on is Chateau L’Islette – again sitting on water but so much less famous than its close neighbour – and all the better for it.

Another short cycle on is La Chatonnière  with lovely vegetable gardens, but struggling  for recognition because it’s so close to the world famous gardens of Villandry.  If you want to lose the crowds this chateau is perfect.

One last stop at Chateau Fontenay, a medieval mansion that still retains its high surrounding wall, built for protection when the ravages of the 100 years war would roll regularly across this region.

Then head for home via Langeais, a Loire Valley cycling achievement!

See the 8 Loire Chateaux

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Chateau de Gizeux

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Les Essards

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Chateau Langeais

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Chateau Villandry

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Chateau Azay-le-Rideau

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Chateau de l'Islette

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Chateau Chationniere

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Chateau Fontenay

So – this route is now officially on the Loire Valley Cycling Breaks catalogue – the Loire Chateaux Cycling Challenge!