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Cycling Holidays like a ski chalet

Cycling Holidays – Ski Chalet Style

February 23, 2015 by Alison Shawcroft No Comment

The Loire Valley cycling holiday season seems a long way off as we have just returned from our annual skiing trip. We’ve been skiing at the French resort of Morzine in Les Portes du Soleil, where it was wall to wall sunshine and fresh snow for the entire week. Absolutely fantastic and much enjoyed by our daughter who spent the week in the infants ski school.

We’ve been heading to Morzine for over ten years now, ever since we worked as chalet hosts for a friend at Chalet Morzine. For us it was a chance to leave our previous careers well and truly behind and more importantly to see whether we enjoyed being involved in the hospitality business. It turned out to be a great place to gain tips and skills that would help us in the future.

When we set out to offer our Cycling Holidays from our base in the Loire Valley we wanted to replicate the ski chalet experience. Instead of skiing you would cycle and instead of a piste map you would follow our specially prepared cycling routes.

If you choose the Loire Valley Discovery Tour then the chalet experience continues with the catering we provide. Everyone eats together and enjoys the set menu and wine for that day and if we’re not too busy, we’ll try and sit down with guests and enjoy a glass of wine and maybe even a course of cheese.

Just like a ski chalet attracts skiers of all levels of ability so we attract cyclists of all persuasions – from mile munching road cyclists to relaxed cycle tourists. Our routes cater for differences in ability and being part of a diverse group is part of the cycling fun!

So if you join one of our cycling holidays and have also skied, then you will notice many similarities with the ski chalet format – one which we think really works for cycling in the Loire Valley!

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