Cycling Holidays France - Courleon France

Ticking Along

Hints of Spring finally in the air, so we are beginning to turn our thoughts to the cycle routes as we will need to get out and check that no changes have been made to the road layouts and signs etc – we’ve learnt its dangerous to think that all will be the same as ...

A good week

We’ve had a good couple of weeks really. Lots of technical work on the websites have raised their google rankings, this year’s improvements to the properties are almost complete and the bookings for cycling and self-catering holidays keep steadily coming in. We finished the week taking out some friends who help us during the cycling ...

So Cold!

Happy New Year to all! January’s weather can really put a spoke in getting anything done! We’ve not had the snow like the UK and the rest of France, but it has been very very cold, so working in the cottages or the garden are both definitely out of the question. So we’ve been occupying ...

Merry Christmas

We’ve emerged from our first cold snap of the winter and are now looking forward to the Christmas festivities. So Merry Christmas to all! See you in 2010, hoping for a great season of french cycling holidays and self catering in the Loire Valley!

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