Cycling Holidays in France

Welcome to Loire Life Cycling Holidays!

Loire Life Cycling started in 2008 with 2 bicycles and a unique idea for cycling holidays in France.

From our base, ‘Le Gue de Ray’ in the Loire Valley, we run self-guided cycling holidays, flexible cycling breaks and create bespoke cycling holidays for groups.

If you’re searching for cycling holidays in France then you’ll love the Loire Valley.

We live here, we cycle here and we’re the experts in Loire Valley Cycling Holidays.

Our Cycling Holidays in France - how it started! (Click)

I discovered that for cycling holidays France is perfect, quite by chance.  I moved to France with my family from the UK and hadn’t cycled in years, but soon started to notice lots of cycle route signs.  So, we bought cheap touring bikes and started to explore the area ourselves.  It didn’t take long to see why cycling in France is so popular.

The french countryside is covered with thousands of kilometres of paved roads and getting away from traffic is easy. What traffic there is, treats cyclists with respect and you always get a wide berth, or even a friendly toot to let you know they are there.

Couple this cycle friendly environment with the landscapes steeped in French history and you can see why for cycling holidays France is a must visit holiday destination.

Having caught the french cycling bug I began to develop these cycling holidays in France using the properties we had been renovating.   Our unique selling point became the centre-based concept.

The cycling routes for the holiday show off our part of the Loire Valley to its best. There is lots of variety into the cycling routes so as well as cycling to famous Chateaux you visit charming smaller Chateaux with real character, took in village markets and worked with partners to create special events on the tour.

I don’t want our cycling holidays in France to become huge, and so we only entertain a small number of cycling guests each year.

Making sure we keep it fun and that we keep up the enthusiasm on which it’s all built is vitally important to me.

I discovered that for cycling holidays France is perfect – now it’s your turn!

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